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Unexpected Secrets a Hard Limits Club Prequel is Live on Amazon

Unexpected Secrets is live on Amazon!

Hard Limits is a hot and wildly sexy new series of romance, suspense, and panty-melting scenes.  SOS Security will be a side series within Hard Limits.

Here’s a quick synopsis:

I have no intention of falling for the handsome, sexy, single-dad doctor, Gabriel Mills. But even the best of intentions sometimes fail. He’s dominant, intense, and he knows how to push all my buttons.

Why me? I’m just the nanny.

I don’t expect him to shatter all my preconceived notions about love, sex, kink, and maybe even my future. But he does.

I don’t expect to fall in love with the new little ward I’ve been charged with, his daughter Mackenzie, but I do. I fall hard, and I’m not even the maternal type.

I just graduated from U Penn with my master’s degree—my whole life stretches before me. So why am I taking a job as a nanny?

That’s a secret; one I can’t share with anyone.

But then, my secret unexpectedly endangers everything I’ve come to love.

Gabriel calls in his friends at Sy-Ops Security (SOS) for help, but how effective can they be when the threat comes from one of three potential government agencies?

The team at SOS joins in to determine the threat, but as they peel back layers, they uncover unexpected secrets that threaten to destroy… everything.

Then I find out Gabriel’s been holding a few secrets of his own.

My heart threatens to break into pieces that can’t be mended—not even by the most skilled physician.

I’m not sure I’ll survive, but I’ll make sure Mackenzie does, even if it kills me.

“Unexpected Secrets” is a full-length 45,000 words, standalone romantic suspense novel with no cheating and no cliffhangers, but with plenty of steam and a very satisfying HEA. 

Download your copy from Amazon!

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